In her long and fruitful career, Kate Moss has posed for a lot of photo shoots, so many that they must all blur into one, with the last being barely distinguishable from the first. And while you can find most of them with the ease of a quick Google search, one has notoriously been missing from the digital archives until now: her very first.

i-D has managed to get hold of these photos that show the dawn of Moss’ modeling career. Shot by Owen Scarbiena, in her first shoot a fresh-faced young Kate Moss stands in a oversized white shirt, reminiscent of the ones worn at expensive private schools, and a pair of dark grey sports shorts – a get-up that consciously plays upon her youthful appearance. Scarbiena didn’t think she’d become as big as she has, so the images were lost somewhere, until now. Head over to i-D for a closer look.

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