Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

No one cares about Pokémon Go anymore

Pokémon Go may have become the most talked about thing on the planet within a matter of days, but it appears to have faded into irrelevance almost as quickly. In August, half as many players were switched onto the game as they were in its July peak, a figure that shows how rapidly fads rise and fall in this day and age and how severely the Internet has diminished our attention spans. – Washington Post

Trump outlines his mess of an immigration policy

In a single day, Trump managed to have a fairly civilized meeting with the Mexican president before spewing racist bile in a rally in Arizona, reinforcing his claims that he will force Mexico to pay for a border wall and will make the deportation of illegal immigrants his top priority from the very first moment he gets into office. It appears that this is the Donald Trump strategy of claiming the middle ground: not by creating a singular set of policies that appeal to the broadest segment of the electorate, but rather by making completely conflicted claims every single time he steps in front of a camera. – The Guardian

Brock Turner, Stamford rapist to be released after three months

Stamford University star swimmer, Brock Turner, was sentenced to six months in prison earlier this year after raping a drunk girl at a party. Justifiably, this unleashed a wave of outrage and disgust over the spineless leniency of Judge Aaron Persky, who sentenced him. The law has descended into even greater farce now that it appears that Turner will be released after only serving half of his sentence, presumably because of his good behavior, white skin, and middle class upbringing. – The Independent

Creepy clown sightings are creeping out South Carolina

In Greenville County, South Carolina, there have been reports of clowns trying to lure children into the woods with offers of money, in addition to creeping out adults by waving at them under the cover of night and banging on nearby doors, prompting certain Greenville residents to start firing off ammo indiscriminately into the woods. A police search of a house located in the woodland area where the clowns have been spotted hasn’t thrown up any clues, though. – New York Times

World’s oldest fossil discovered in Greenland

Scientists in Greenland have discovered rocks that containing remnants of primordial microbial colonies known as stromatolites, and at an estimated age of 3.7 billion years old, this would make them the world’s oldest known fossils by some 200 million years. The rocks in question were part of the sea floor around the same time when the very first dinosaurs roamed the earth, which is pretty old. – BBC News

Football’s summer transfer window closes

European football’s summer transfer window has finally slammed shut, and we can stop speculating on baseless rumors until the new year, when it reopens for a month mid-way through the season. As usual, England’s clubs waited ’til the last minute to get their business done, with notable transfers including Jack Wilshere’s loan move from Arsenal to Bournemouth, David Luiz’s return to Chelsea from PSG for some £34 million, Moussa Sissoko’s £30 million departure from Newcastle to Tottenham, and the absolute nadir of Mario Balotelli’s career: a free transfer from Liverpool to French no-hopers, Nice. – SkySports News

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Words by Aleks Eror
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