Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

Court dismisses Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against Rockstar Games

Those of you that played Grand Theft Auto V will probably remember a character by the name of Lindsey Jonas: a promiscuous, substance-abusing mess of a celebrity that is quite obviously a satirical take on Lindsay Lohan. We all saw it, Lindsay Lohan saw it, and decided to sue Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take Two Interactive Software, for making fun of her. Well, the case was thrown out of court by a New York judge because it’s quite obviously a totally fictional game that shouldn’t be taken seriously. – BBC News

Donald Trump gets into Twitter beef with Mexican president

In a single day, The Donald went from a fairly civilized meeting with the Mexican president to a de facto white power rally in Arizona promising that he will build a wall along the country’s southern border and deport millions of undocumented Mexican migrants. Obviously the Mexican president, who probably met with a very different Trump to the one that race baited ignorant hillbillies in Arizona later that day, wasn’t impressed, and the two have been engaged in a rolling war of words on Twitter. Did Donald really think that this would go unnoticed? Hasn’t he heard of the Internet? – Mashable

Melania Trump sues the Daily Mail for $150 million

The Donald’s wife, Melania, has brought a lawsuit against the Daily Mail (Britain’s very own Fox News) and a random blogger for publishing allegations that she used to work as an escort back in the ’90s. And how big of a pay out is she gunning for? $150 million. And she’s serious too, having hired the same lawyer that Peter Thiel bankrolled in the Hulk Hogan case that ultimately killed off Gawker. While we’re firm believers in press freedom, it would be difficult to fight back a wry smile if this lawsuit leads to the closure of the ‘Mail. – The Guardian

Syria tries to lure back tourists with its beaches

Although we’re hardly experts on the matter, it would be a fairly safe bet to assume that Syria’s tourism industry lies in ruins right now, much like the rest of the country –which is understandable– after all, half a decade of blood curdling civil war tends to do that. But that hasn’t stopped the Syrian tourism board from trying to lure back tourists by posting dozens of drone videos to the Syria Tourism YouTube account, showing off the country’s beaches and ancient sites like Palmyra, which happened to be controlled by the Islamic State not too long ago. So, who wants to join us for a trip to Aleppo? Anybody? No? Didn’t think so. – Washington Post

Chicago has its deadliest month in 20 years

Now that it’s officially September we can confirm that August 2016 has been the most murderous month in Chicago for two decades. 90 people were killed by other people last month, bringing the number of people that have lost their lives on Chi-town’s streets to 471 – more than New York and LA, America’s two largest cities, combined. The cousin of NBA star, Dwayne Wade is included in this figure. – New York Times

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Words by Aleks Eror
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