Where form meets function

From the creators of Melchior, their first robot clock co-created with clock specialists L’Epée 1839, MB&F now presents the big brother to Melchior, Balthazar.

Much like Melchior, Balthazar showcases the hours and minutes front and center on his chest, as they are both in turn driven by their mechanical brains. Big brother also runs on ultra-long power reserves, allowing it to function for 35 days straight on a single charge.

But here’s where the robotic aspects really come into play. Balthazar scans the surroundings continuously in a 20-second retrograde action, again, similar to his little brother.

Balthazar weighs just over eight kilograms and stands 40 centimeters tall, proving he is definitely the big bro. His body consists of 618 micro-engineered components, in addition to a dual hemisphere moon phase indicator, accurate for 122 years.

Beware, though. Balthazar has a dark side, just like all of us. When his torso is rotated 180-degrees around his hips, his friendly face becomes a terrifying skull with menacing teeth and deep-set, ruby-red eyes.

For more on Balthazar, follow on over to MB&F.

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