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As urbanites, we lead busy lives and have little space to spare in our boxy apartments for extensive sneaker collections, let alone camping equipment. We need to escape all the concrete sometimes and head to grassier destinations, and we want to pack in as much R&R as possible into our 48 hours of freedom.

Is it too much to ask to roll out of bed, pick up a Zipcar and drive to a private, luxury camping site already set up for us? Apparently not, as a new company called Tentrr is currently trying to fill that void.

The company is being nicknamed the “Airbnb of camping” and was born via former Managing Director of the New York Stock Exchange, Michael D’Agostino. Apparently, he became frustrated with traditional, crowded camp sites and questioned if suburban landowners with acres to spare could double as hosts for city residents looking to get away. The result are pre-assembled camping set-ups in hosts’ backyards.

Before you start packing your Goyard bags and expecting room service, keep in mind – this is still traditional camping. You’ll need bug spray, groceries, layers and maybe even a bear repellent horn just in case (we brought one). But you won’t be lifting a finger most of the weekend and can expect to arrive to a compact country hotel room (in a tent) with a dual picnic and kitchen station. Also, unlike Airbnb, your hosts will most likely be around to explain how everything works and give you recommendations for stores and restaurants in their area.

As of now, the majority of locations to choose from are in the Catskills of NY, so Manhattanites will be benefitting first. Tentrr’s site will remind you of the Airbnb model where you can shop for your favorite location by checking out all the details and photos. And rates run from $75 to $145 per night, which is about what New Yorkers unwillingly spend in an hour.

You’ll notice that the camp set-ups are quite similar, but each location varies in luxury details, activities and settings. Here are our top five picks from what’s available on the site:

Zeleny Les

Mich Cardin

Location: Bloomville, NY

Hours from NYC: 3

Setting: The site of a former historic farmhouse and currently an artist’s reserve with wooded hills, trails and a swimming pond.

Stand-out Perks: The helpful host family is willing to share their history and give a tour. Picnic station is in a separate area from the tent. Check out Lucky Dog Café in town.

River’s Edge

Courtesy of Tentrr

Location: Lumberland, NY

Hours from NYC: 2

Setting: Literally located next to the Delaware River in a very secluded area.

Stand-out Perks: Canoe rentals and private yoga instruction is available.

Mountain View

Courtesy of Tentrr

Location: Ellenville, NY

Hours from NYC: 2

Setting: Camp site sits on the highest point in the area.

Stand-out Perks: Site has amazing views and hiking options. Also makes a great Fall trip to view the foliage.

The Falls

Courtesy of Tentrr

Location: Long Eddy, NY

Hours from NYC: 2.5

Setting: Your tent is looking out to a waterfall, pond and trout stream.

Stand-out Perks: Peak around the host’s private astrological library. Professional fly fishing lessons are available.

Mountain Side

Courtesy of Tentrr

Location: Hobart, NY

Hours from NYC: 3

Setting: On the side of a mountain overlooking a valley.

Stand-out Perks: For active-addicts: canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, road biking, swimming, fishing and hiking available.

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  • Words: Mich Cardin
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