Last week Björk debuted her new VR exhibition, “Björk Digital,” at London’s Royal Albert Hall, and with it cast attendees into what can only be described as a DMT trip via means of virtual reality. Currently, the avant-garde singer-songwriter appears to be going through something of an obsession with new-age technology and its impact on modern culture, and so it would seem inevitable that a Reddit AMA would form part of the event’s press campaign.

Predictably, the Q&A runs a gamut between the usual batshit Björkisms and moments of genuine enlightenment, but there’s also a clutch of surprises such as her fandom for Death Grips and, er… RuPaul’s Drag Race. Keeping pleasantries at a minimum and telling her fans to “have a lush one” in the introduction, Björk then got down to the serious business of answering questions.

Here are some of the highlights.

Björk on creativity and how it could be hiding in sauce recipes

“i think creativity always lives somewhere in everyone but its nature is quite pranksterish and slippery and everytime u grab its tail its found a nu corner to thrive in . perhaps the trick is not to force it and put it up against a wall and want it to be in a particular area . but rather w a lot of kindness sniff it out and wonder where it has gone to this time around .”

“if its in sauce recipes , writing theatre plays , papermache improv w nephews , discovering nu hiking routes or simply trying to figure out a family members sense of humour . i def dont succeed in this all the time but feel overall things have been more fertile when i trust this creatures instincts and follow it rather than me willfully reforming it into a circus animal colouring by numbers . anyways : as much as youd like to ignore this animal u have to attend it . because if u dont them dark times turn up …..”

Björk on costumes and how she adapts them from album to album

“i find it with each album there is a character and ive kinda been joking that they are like tarot characters and im like a private investigator throughout the album working it out . each character always has colours , elements , symbolism , moods and an emotional journey they go through . the older i get i feel i am better with connecting it all things archetypal and therefore hopefully more universal and relatable . if theres one thing we can def count on it is that we are all always going to be going thru some sort of emotional progression , doesnt matter what race sex or age so we might aswell ride on it ….. , doesnt matter how”

Björk on whether she cooks and believes in an afterlife

“yes and i will cook there”

Björk on dealing with negative comments from her own fans

“i think i have come to understand because my attention span is small and every album of mine is different that there will always be voices saying oh but you should make another album like the last one . every album ive done thats happened . when i did debut they wanted the sugarcubes when i did post they wanted debut when i did homogenic they wanted post and so on . i have toured a lot and that has taken time from my musicwriting occasionally so im really keen on trying to write the best songs i can now ……. but if i tour people want me to make albums and if i make albums people want me to tour ….. so there prob will be odd voices not happy about that ….. but perhaps its a form of compliment ? that they actually still have enthusiasm about what i do ? but yes , vulnicura came out a year and a half ago and actually came out 2 months earlier than we intented because of the leak sooooooooooooooooooo not THAT much time has passed between ….. ?”

Björk on how she discovered Death Grips

“i basically got obsessed with guillotine , the video the song everything !!!!! deathgrips did 2 remixes or remakes to be more accurate of biophilia that were my faves and we have been in touch ever since !!! i just love their punk spirit and admire the whole lack of genre they do”

And finally, Björk on whether she watches RuPaul’s ‘Drag Race’

“YESSSSSSSS i absolutely loved it , especially when she started humming to herself ha ha ha ha selfishly i was hoping for a more current version like a vulnicura one lol but she nailed the feminist activist tribal volta sincerest form of flattery etc”

For more from the Björk AMA, check out the Reddit thread here, and then immerse yourself in the artist’s 3D “Stonemilker” video.

  • Cover Image: Inez van Lamsweerde
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