Just as Samsung looked tipped to push Apple all the way in the race for this year’s best smartphone with the Galaxy Note7, the South Korean tech giant was forced to recall every single model following reports the device was catching fire while charging. Not only has the technical fault left Apple praising the gods of unbelievable fortune, analysts claim it will also cost Samsung up to $1 billion.

Samsung plans to replace all 2.5 million Note7 smartphones shipped since the device launched a few weeks ago. Thirty-six of them which have reportedly caught fire, and all were charging at the time. The recall comes at a time when Samsung was finally getting back to its best with products that were selling well and expected to more than just compete against the new iPhone models set to launch tomorrow at Apple’s annual unveiling event.


Samsung has offered no official statements on the exact cause (presumably the battery), nor the cost of the recall, but analysts estimate the full bill will rack all the way up to around $1 billion. All Samsung has said officially about the cost of the Galaxy Note7 recall is that the number is a “heartbreaking amount.”

The good news for Samsung, if it was indeed the battery, is that is the company who provided them will undoubtedly have to pay its fair share.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 is  rumored to be releasing in a “Piano Black” colorway.

  • Source: SlashGear
  • Main Image: Samsung
  • Featured Image: Ariel Gonzalez / YouTube
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