In our nostalgia-crazed culture, it should come as no surprise that there is a huge market for memorabilia from celebrities past. Nevertheless, it remains somewhat shocking to see just how much money is being thrown towards artifacts from the sorely-missed legend Tupac Shakur. This year has seen a love letter he wrote in high-school drum up a $30,000 plus price tag, which is mere pocket change compared to the over $100,000 charged towards his personal 1996 Hummer H1. Now comes another item of Tupac’s legacy: an OG handwritten lyric sheet that is about to hit the auction table.

The lyric sheet in question belongs to the track “Catchin’ Feelins,” one of the many tracks featured on the expansive 2002 album Better Dayz. This is one of the multiple albums that were released after the rapper’s untimely death, but as the lyric sheet proves, one that still contained his (literal) personal touches. It has been posted by the celebrity-memorabilia agency Moments in Time, who received the sheet from a former employee of the studio where Tupac recorded the track way back in the day. It is currently retailing for $38,500, and will go on the market just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the rapper’s death. So in other words, start saving those pennies.

For more information on the auction’s listing and to browse other reasonably-priced celebrity memorabilia, head over to Moments in Time.

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