These days many musicians — and people in general — are fans of skateboarding culture, thus dressing in Thrasher and Supreme and wearing Vans kicks on the regular. But more times than not, they don’t actually skateboard at all. Rich The Kid, however, is one of the few rappers out there that not only rocks the garb, but also tears it up on the board.

While recently out in California, Rich was being clowned for being a poser, so he had one such heckler from social media meet him out at a local skate park. While there, he showcased his skateboarding skills, revealing that he actually can skate.

In this new clip from Noisey, you’ll also get to hear Rich speak on his Haitian heritage, when he began to take music seriously in high school, and much more.

Also, see below for Rich and Jaden Smith’s new music video for “Like This.”

Not NYC, not LA.

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