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Trump is overweight, check up reveals

Having hounded Hillary Clinton relentlessly over her health, despite not releasing any medical records of his own apart from a very strange note proclaiming that he’s in impeccable health, Donald Trump has finally opted for some transparency, revealing a few details from his recent medical checkup. He was uncharacteristically candid, and instead of hyperbolically talking up his own greatness like he usually does, The Donald revealed that he’s actually a bit overweight and takes medication for cholesterol. – New York Times

New Zealand is stuck in a sperm drought

The quaint, sheep-rearing nation of New Zealand is in the midst of a sperm drought and fertilization experts have suggested that it begin importing foreign sperm to meet national demand. The reason for this shortage can probably be explained by the ungracious treatment of potential donors in New Zealand: not only do they have to meet very stringent criteria that normal breeders don’t, but they’re not compensated for their efforts and their anyonymous brood has the right to ask for their identity once they turn 18. You want spunk, NZ? Well, maybe you should start paying for it. – The Guardian

EU tells YouTube to pay artists more

The EU has proposed new copyright laws that would force YouTube into paying artists and record companies more for the right to stream their tunes. In addition to this, it wants to increase transparency by forcing publishers and producers to update performers or authors on how much profit their output has generated. The EU also wants to help out struggling newspapers and journalists as well, making Google News pay for excerpts that it pulls from articles. Unsurprisingly, Google and the web-free marketers over in America aren’t happy, because they’re not used to paying things like taxes or fees or any significant sum like the rest of us. – BBC News

EU to roll out WiFi everywhere by 2020

The European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, has announced plans to equip the entirety of the EU with free public WiFi by 2020, with at least one city in each member state to be equipped with 5G. As ever, the whole venture is socially minded, and aimed at making WiFi accessible to all rather than just city slickers that can afford to pay for it. Sounds pretty terrible, can totally see why Britain voted to leave. – International Business Times

Leicester City kick off Champions League adventure with a win

The most unlikely football champions ever, Leicester City, kicked off their maiden Champions League campaign with a 3-0 win at Club Brugge, thanks to a brace from Riyadh Mahrez that followed Marc Albrighton’s opening goal. Elsewhere, Tottenham, who will be playing their Champions League home matches at England’s national stadium, Wembley, lost to Monaco by a 2-1 scoreline. – SkySports News 

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Words by Aleks Eror
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