Denim is back, and in a big way. In recent seasons, designers at all ends of the fashion spectrum have rediscovered the joys of the fabric, and shredded jeans, grungy styling and rustic, worn-in washes have become all the rage. Of course, denim never really left it’s an absolute classic — but it’s hard to deny that the fabric trending hard at the minute. How many rappers do you see in ripped jeans these days?

Now that summer is drawing to a close (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least), it’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite indigo-dyed cotton twill with some of the best denim jackets available to buy right now.

Denim jackets, whether they’re the classic trucker style or something a bit more adventurous, are a solid addition to any guy or girl’s wardrobe. Their light weight and easy wearability makes the piece great for layering, especially at that weird time in-between seasons, when it’s not too hot, but not that cold either. Their classic-yet-grungy appeal means you can throw one on with just about anything — from sporty track pants or shorts to tailored trousers, or, if you’re feeling the Canadian tux vibe, you can double it up with some jeans, too.

Here’s some of the best denim jackets out there right now.

Patched Denim Jacket



Up the grunginess with a smattering of patches, courtesy of Topman. If this patch-adorned piece doesn’t take your fancy, then why not go DIY and do your own?

Ash Black Zero Jacket

Luke Vicious


LA designer and Stampd art director Luke Vicious has custom-dyed his namesake brand’s jackets in an ash black. He’s also lightly distressed the fabric and added a striking “O” patch on the back. High-end sensibilities meet grungy attitude, here.

Long Denim Parka



If you’re wanting something a little more substantial than the classic trucker, why not dabble in a denim parka?

Minimal Denim Jacket



Trust C.E to come through with a piece that’s striking and different, but still easy as hell to wear.

Denim Biker Jacket



Virgil’s high-end take on the denim jacket comes with military-style epaulets and a belted waist. There’s a huge Off-White logo on the back too, naturally.

Denim Coach Jacket



The sporty coach jacket is given a rustic makeover thanks to this heavily-washed denim fabrication.

Denim Jacket

Eris Black


If you’d like something a little more adventurous, then why not try this dissected jacket from Spanish label Eris Black? Throw it over a contrasting sweater and you’ll really make a statement.

Light Washed Denim Trucker Jacket

Been Trill


This piece from Been Trill x Budweiser’s latest collab features some plush oriental-style embroidery on the back. Who else do you know with a legit beer-endorsed jacket?