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These are heady days for the humble phone charger. Following on from the levitating charger and self-proclaimed “world’s smartest charger ever,” Syrian designer Hani Douaji has now conceptualized the first on-the-go cell phone battery that can juice up your phone anytime and place.

The small, portable device — literally named “Juice” — is made for pockets, purses and suitcases, and can provide the user with up to 40% of battery life. Juice comes in two forms, and is available for both iPhone and Android. Once the charging process is complete, the user simply discards the battery.

While Juice would surely be popular at music festivals and outdoor events where plug points come at a premium; the environmental impact of such a product would have to be considered before production is greenlit. A sustainable on-the-go charger, however, would no doubt prove to be a goldmine for its creator.

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