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Stefano Carloni / Highsnobiety.com

We recently had the opportunity to visit VLONE’s new pop-up shop at Slam Jam in Italy.

The walls have been covered with various newspaper clippings, which have then been customized via graffiti-style tagging. Multiple quotes can be seen plastered throughout, some of which translate to “live alone, die alone,” “only God knows,” “life is my prison,” “my mind is my weapon,” “I am afraid of nothing,” and “you are so beautiful when you are unfaithful.”

The Madonna statues, meanwhile, were created by artist Andrea “FACE” Facelli.

Strategically placed throughout are various apparel styles for purchase, ranging from graphic T-shirts and hoodies to jackets, track pants and more.

To get a feel for the VLONE pop-up at Slam Jam Milano (Via Pasquale Paoli, 3, 20143 Milano, Italy), scan through the imagery above.

  • Photography: Stefano Carloni / Highsnobiety

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