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Summer is officially over (thankfully), so to honor its denouement, we’ve dedicated our latest in-house editorial to one of the season’s biggest trends: the vintage band T-shirt. From rappers to sneakerheads to Kardashians, it seemed like everyone was sporting rock tees this past summer (much to the chagrin of many a metalhead), but will they carry on over in the seasons to come?

As someone who’s been wearing band shirts since middle school, I won’t be stowing them away anytime soon, but I can’t speak for the slew of posers who frivolously cashed in on the fad during the last few months (and there were many).

Shot in Los Angeles (whom many dub as the birthplace of the trend), our “Fleek & Destroy” spread features local model Josephine Pearl Lee donning a number of pieces from buzzy T-shirt brand For Those Who Sin.

[Disclaimer: everyone involved in this shoot knows the riff to the song below, in case you were wondering.]

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