In among the mountains of mean-spirited, negative stories that wash up on our social media feeds, there does occasionally lie a story so heartwarming that it’s impossible not to crack a smile.

Take this one, courtesy of Reddit, for example. Hector Montez is a student at Coronado High School, and over the past few years has built up a close relationship with his teacher and football coach Thomas Walser. For all of his support, and for “keeping it real” with him over the years, Montez decided to say thank you to Walser with a gesture — a gesture so thoughtful and kind you’re going to need to grab those tissues before we continue.

Recalling a conversation with Walser during his sophomore year, Montez remembered his coach saying that the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” is his favorite sneaker of all time, and that he’s wanted it since he was 12 years old, but unfortunately he was never able to get his hands on a pair. Knowing how much it would mean to him, Montez and his classmates joined together to make his childhood dream come true.

Fast forward a few weeks and Montez is standing before Walser with a shoe box. Montez says, “Alright coach Walser, this is for you. Thanks for always keeping it real with me.” Montez’s reaction, which was caught in the video below, is priceless. “I’ve wanted these since I was in sixth grade,” an incredulous Walser says. Watch the full video and see how the involved parties are expressing their gratitude below.

Pretty sweet, huh? If you thinking about surprising somebody with sneakers this weekend, here’s the 11 best ones to cop and where to buy them.

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