Burgers are an American dining staple. From McDonald’s to Burger King, burgers have been the go-to for a quick eat on the move for decades. But what happens when you take the commonly cheap menu item and put several different price spins on it? BuzzFeed’s Keith and Steven set out on a trip to Las Vegas to find out, sampling a variety of burgers at different price points before finally arriving at a $777 USD wonder.

After short trips to The Habit Burger Grill where they sampled the Double-Char Burger for $4.15 USD and $18 USD Hog Burger at Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR, the duo finally arrived at Burger Brasserie for its aptly named 777 Burger. And with the quote “I didn’t think that a burger could be an experience until today,” it’s safe to say that it definitely was everything we’d hope for from a burger worth nearly a month’s rent.

Surprisingly, it was really Gordon Ramsey’s $18 Hog Burger that had BuzzFeed’s Steven most impressed; eliciting the response that he’d love to revisit for a dining date.

Check out the video above for a detailed look at this hilarious and intriguing dining experience.

Words by Marcus Cho
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