Two years ago, film troupe FND Films raised the sum of $75,000 via crowdfunder Indiegogo for a movie that, by all accounts, would go on to be canceled. If investors weren’t pissed off with the crew for losing their money initially, then they sure as hell would be upon seeing a series of videos posted to Facebook of the filmmakers living the high life in Europe and quaffing champagne.

All was not as it seemed, however, and in a most meta twist of fate, it’s now apparent that the guys were hard at work creating It’s All Good — a film about not making a film — all along. Or something.

Speaking of the mega troll, FND president Aaron Fronk told Esquire:

“On paper it kind of looked like a terrible idea, like social suicide. But we felt this was a unique move, something that had the potential to get big, so we ran with it. The whole thing has been a tricky process—we were constantly worried about blowing it. We needed a catalyst for why the money was gone, but you have to ride the line where it’s a believable scenario. We couldn’t just disappear with the Indigogo money and then post Instagram photos of mounds of cocaine and sports cars, because that gives it away. So we posted stuff that looked a little fishy—hashtags like #tooexpensive or me in Italy from a trip I went on with my wife—and then deleted them to make people even more upset.”

Lateral thinking or irresponsible madness? You decide.

Watch the first official trailer featuring the group on the run from their outraged backers above, and then check out the new trailer for James Franco’s gay-porn thriller King Cobra.

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