Tune in and turn up

Simply put, skateboarding is an incredibly diverse world. The number of techniques and tricks in existence at this point in the sport’s history seem almost too numerous to begin to catalog. Yet while watching “Maybe We Land,” the new music video from upcoming electronic producer and singer Awir Leon, one cannot help but feel that something truly unique is at work. Though it does not feature a single board in any shot of film, the entire video was shot via a camera strapped to a skateboard. The result is truly hypnotizing.

Shot on location in Tel Aviv, the visual depicts Leon roaming the sunset-lit streets of the Israeli city intercut with hordes of people trapped in visually arresting movement. The streets are filled with the graceful dancing of people moving backwards, spinning and twirling with almost superhuman agility, all shot from nearly ground level. And being so low to the ground, the camera catches quite a few shots of some seriously chic footwear.

“Maybe We Land” is the second single from Leon’s upcoming debut album Giants. With its sparse electronic arrangement and haunting vocals, the work calls to mind the kind of sounds popularized by the likes of James Blake.

Awir Leon’s debut full-length Giants is set to release on October 14. Pre-order it right here. Stream his previous single “Sitting So High” below via Spotify:

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