Where form meets function

The car in the video above might look like it’s been stolen off the set of Tron, but rather than a work of fiction, it’s actually Mercedes-Benz’ very real prototype which has just been unveiled at the Paris Motor Show 2016.

The sports SUV design is a cornerstone of the new Mercedes Generation EQ division; the automaker’s all-electric, eco-friendly answer to Elon Musk’s Tesla plan. Rather than earthquake, equilibrium or emotional quotient, somewhat confusingly, “EQ” is said to stand for “Emotional Intelligence.”

Mercedes already has plans in place to roll out the vehicle by the end of the decade, with charging stations, home chargers and home battery packs already in the works. Regardless of its electric constitution, the SUV is no slouch and is able to reach 0 to 62mph in under five seconds.

Aesthetically, the car has been described as heralding in a new “electro-look” for the company and features a series of LEDs both on the exterior and interior. The dashboard itself is unrecognizable from traditional design, and is dominated by a 24-inch TFT screen, meaning the car is probably not fun to drive should the person in control be suffering from a headache.

How close the Generation EQ SUV is to becoming a reality remains to be seen, but Mercedes expect to begin production work “soon.”

It’s not the only automobile being unveiled at the Paris Motor Show by Mercedes this week. They also plan on lifting the curtain on these incendiary Roadsters.

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