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While the newly unveiled Volkswagen I.D. made huge waves yesterday at the Paris Motor Show, you can leave it up to Renault to top good with even better. Renault’s new Trezor is a sleek and glorious 350 horsepower vehicle that serves almost as the epitome of “futuristic design.”

Arriving in a more elegant than muscular silhouette, the new Trezor features a low-stance carbon fiber bodywork and striking red glazing. Contrasting surface finishes serve to further the pleasing design aesthetic behind the Trezor, as the interior of the vehicle boasts fiery red, finished with a dashboard made from red wood that incorporates a luggage compartment at the vehicle’s front. The Trezor is complete with a jewelery-box style one-piece clamshell roof that really functions more like a hatch, again adding to that futuristic feel behind the car’s design.

Also, check out the video below for a better look at the Renault Trezor concept.

Words by Marcus Cho
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