Poor old Samsung has had rough of late. As if it wasn’t bad enough that its flagship device started spontaneously exploding shortly after it was released to the public, and that the recall of every single device is set to cost them $1 billion, a cheeky GTA V fan has decided to really stick the boot in.

Modder HitmanNiko has created a mod for Rockstar’s insanely-popular open-world game that turns the Galaxy Note7 phone into a highly-powerful sticky bomb. It’s hilarious, and you’re going to love it — unless you work for Samsung.

Basically, all the mod does is replace the original sticky bomb from the game and inserted in its place a realistic mock-up of the infamous phone. That means you don’t have to worry about finding a Samsung retailer, and instead can simply walk into any gun store you can find in the game and pick one up.

The mod is available to download for free from the 5Mods website, though it will only work on the PC edition. Let the mayhem commence.

In other funny news, Family Guy makes fun of Jay Z and Solange’s elevator fight in this hilarious flashback spoof.

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