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Swedish fine artist Joakim Ojanen has unveiled his latest sculpture, The Nose Player, in collaboration with Case Studyo.

Known for his unique ceramic characters that somehow capture genuine moments of human expression, Ojanen decided to use bronze this time instead of his usual ceramic forms. As usual, he has accompanied the artwork with a brief short story. In his own words, here’s the story of The Nose Player:

The Nose Player is going through a rough time right now. He’s been feeling lonely for a while and when we catch him at his secret place he’s just played the first few notes on his nose. It starts of as a slow sad song. He doesn’t notice that we are watching and I think he wants be alone right now to get in touch with his true feelings. I think the music is a way for him to deal with his life and especially the hard times. I haven’t dared to introduce myself to him yet so I don’t know his real name but I call him The Nose Player.

The figure stands at 22cm tall and comes complete with a custom printed cardboard box. Check it out above and pray for a restock over at Case Studyo.

In other art news, you can now use this solid 18-karat-gold toilet at the Guggenheim museum.

Daniel is the editor of Highsnobiety Life. He grew up in north of England but is now based in Berlin.

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