Tune in and turn up

The saying goes that “you’re your own worst critic,” a sentiment that must be particular hard for the artist-types of the world. Mac Miller is facing that proverb head-on, literally, in a new interview from Mass Appeal that sees the rapper conducting a face-to-face Q&A with himself.

And no, it is not just Miller speaking to the camera. Thanks to a tricky bit of digital manipulation, the interview actually depicts two different Mac Millers in intimate conversation. You would think being the same person that they would go easy on each other, but the two Macs deliver a serious grilling on all manner of topics. A few of the things they discuss include his thoughts on being a white rapper, his teenage love for Eminem, and the funniest video that he is currently carrying on his phone.

Mac Miller’s new album The Divine Feminine is out now, and it made the cut in our Best Albums of the Month. Stream it below via Spotify:

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Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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