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Robbie Williams pisses off Putin & Russia

Robbie Williams has managed to piss off much of the Russian populace by stereotyping its gaudy elite in a new song titled “Party Like A Russian.” Anyone familiar with the Russian diaspora in London will be well aware of their love of roped-off VIP areas in tacky West End clubs, which Robbie satirizes in his new video, even seemingly taking a dig at the Russian leader in one verse. Naturally, plenty of Russians were less than pleased as they don’t really handle satire very well, with numerous news agencies in the nation deriding Robbie as a has-been. Which is true, to be fair. – CNN

NSA contractor arrested for theft of state secrets

An NSA contractor working for the Booz Allen Hamilton, the same company that supplied Edward Snowden to the spy agency, was arrested for allegedly stealing top secret computer codes used by the U.S. to hack into the computers of foreign governments. Harold T. Martin III was arrested way back in August, and has already appeared in court in secret, but naturally that was all kept hush-hush because the NSA doesn’t need any more egg on its face following the Snowden debacle. Martin’s lawyers deny the allegations, but privately they’re probably preparing for a verrryyy long prison sentence that’ll send out a firm message. – New York Times

12 year-old racks up over $100,000 in Google debt

A Spanish 12 year-old racked up $112,000 in Google advertising debt as he tried to promote his brass band using Google’s Adwords service – a pay-per-click service that puts ads above search results and on other sites. Customers hand over their bank details and are charged when someone clicks on the link. Well, enough people clicked on the link to his band’s website, prompting the bank to call his mortified parents. Luckily, Google saw that this was a youthful mistake and has decided to waive the charges, which is very nice of them. – The Guardian

Humans have reached the limits of our natural life spans

With the development of sanitation and antibiotics and advancements in medical science, human lifespans have been getting longer and longer over the course of the 20th century. Well, it appears that we’ve finally hit a brick wall, with one study by U.S. scientists claiming that it’s highly unlikely that a significant portion of people will manage to live past the age of 115. The odd freak might make it to a complete and total maximum of 125, but the odds are so slim that you’d have to scour 10,000 planet earths to find just one such case. – BBC News

SF Giants beat the NY Mets

The San Francisco Giants defeated the New York Mets in the National League wildcard game by a scoreline of 3-0. Billed as a match-off between the two best pitchers in the league, the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner and the Mets’ Noah Syndergaard, the victory takes the Giants to a duel against the Chicago Cubs in the opener of the NL Division series. – The Week

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Words by Aleks Eror
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