Tune in and turn up

The genre of grime most likely conjures images of grey English weather and the impressive accents of the British emcee’s who call it home. But this is globalized world we live in, and the world of grime has expanded far beyond its homeland. Case in point is Japan, which is currently experiencing a thriving growth in the nation’s underground grime scene. And thanks to Boiler Room, we can all get an up-close and personal look at what’s going down.

But as the documentary, titled Full Circle shows, grime culture has a whole lot to owe from Japan. The nation’s culture surrounding gaming and martial arts has provided enormous influence for grime in general. And the short film introduces us to several pivotal figures of the scene, including MC Pakin and DJ/producer Chocola B.

Watch the full documentary above, and stay tuned for any further grime headed your way.

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