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Trump’s ‘locker room’ tape scandal blows up

On Friday an 11-year-old tape emerged that showed Donald Trump making lewd, sexist comments about an unidentified woman. As you’d expect, the tape completely dominated the weekend news cycle. Recorded in 2005, the behind-the-scenes tape comes from an episode of Access Hollywood, and shows The Donald making extremely rude comments alongside the show’s host, Billy Bush, first cousin of former president, George W. Bush. In the tape, we got to see Trump talking about how he made moves on a married “bitch” with “phony tits” but was unsuccessful and when you’re as famous as him “You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” The comments caused widespread outrage, drawing a meandering, reluctant apology from Trump and led to some 30-odd republicans rescinding their endorsements of his candidacy; the only question is why did it take them this long? – Slate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton meet in second presidential debate

The second of three presidential debates was broadcast last night and most media commentators regard it as a new historic low in American politics. Trump pulled no punches, going on thoroughly personal attacks against Hillary and her husband, focusing explicitly on his many affairs. Hillary leveraged The Donald’s comments on that Access Hollywood tape against him repeatedly, but most agree that she spent the debate largely on the back foot and landed few significant blows on her opponent who did better than expected, although few believe that this broadened his appeal at all or boosted his political standing. In the context of a disastrous weekend he did well, but it’s unlikely to be chalked down as a real win. – Washington Post 

Medical marijuana is being used on pets now

Getting the dog stoned was a common cliche in that spate of college stoner comedies that were so popular with Hollywood back in the early 2000s, but now you’re actually able to buy medical marijuana in some U.S. states to use on your pet. Used for treating ailments as varied as arthritis, seizures, inflammation, anxiety and pain, apparently it’s a miracle cure for pets that have failed to respond to more traditional treatments. – New York Times

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production halted

Production of Samsung’s exploding smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, has temporarily been halted after recalls of the handset failed to stop it from exploding. This comes after a couple of network providers in the U.S. stopped selling the phone, with AT&T even refusing to accept returns, a damning indictment of how badly Samsung has messed this one up. It would be good to hear from all those Apple haters that always show up in the comments, slamming the iPhone and preaching Samsung’s inherent superiority. Where are you guys now? In hospital recovering from exploding phone burns? – BBC News

Green Bay Packers beat the New York Giants

The New York Giants’ ineffectual start to the NFL season continued as they were beaten 23-16 by the Green Bay Packers. It is said that the performance was much worse than the scoreline, with the Packers dominating the Giants offensively in what was a third straight loss for the team. This leaves the Giants moored at the very foot of NFC East. – New York Daily News

Words by Aleks Eror
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