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Drake and Rihanna are rumored to have broken up

As the seasons change and the trees wither, so too does Drake an Rihanna’s summertime romance. It was beautiful and joyous, adorned with declarations of love, similar marine life tattoos and coordinated outfits, but it appears that they are now seeing other people, despite still loving each other (what does that even mean? Are they swingers? That sounds like swinging…), according to an insider source. It’s their conflicted schedules that tore their bond asunder it seems – a sad reminder that despite the jet setting lifestyle and the riches, fame is ultimately a lonely and alienating condition. Go on Drake, write a song about it. – New York Magazine

Paul Ryan finally abandons Trump

The highest ranking member of the GOP, Paul Ryan, has seemingly abandoned Donald Trump without officially rescinding his endorsement of the republican nominee. Ryan, who will forever be remembered as the spineless Trump enabler who let the reality TV demagogue sink the GOP by not taking a firm stance against him months ago, says he will no longer campaign with or depend Trump, and will instead focus his efforts on ensuring that republicans don’t lose control of congress so they can continue blocking any attempts at political progress enacted by a democratic president. The fact that he won’t withdraw his endorsement only further highlights his sheer bankruptcy of principle and an election day massacre would be no less than he deserves. – The Guardian

Hillary Clinton really loves Ralph Lauren

Those of us that have been too focused on the descent into indecency that has dominated the presidential debates may have overlooked one small but important detail: Hillary Clinton really loves Ralph Lauren. Both the devilishly red pantsuit that she wore in round one and the navy wool double-faced pantsuit with a cream shawl collar that made an appearance on Sunday night come from Ralphy Lifschitz’s storied brand. This is an enduring trend, as she also stunted in Ralph Lauren when accepting her party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention this summer as well as on the day of her campaign launch on Roosevelt Island. No points for guessing Ralph’s preferred nominee. – New York Times

Samsung users: switch off your Galaxy Note 7s!

Korean tech manufacturer, Samsung, appears to be conceding defeat in its struggle with its exploding smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, and has told the phone’s owners to switch it off lest they want it to spontaneously combust in their pockets and sizzle their thighs. This comes at a terrible time for Samsung, as the company was beginning to claw back some ground against their rivals and there’s no way that this will be good for business. – BBC News

The San Francisco Giants hold on against the Chicago Cubs

The San Francisco Giants valiantly held on in game three against the Chicago Cubs, despite being a noticeable mismatch, according to many. A Joe Panik 13th-inning double saved the Giants in a postseason game that finished 6-5. If the Giants manage to grind out another win in game four, they’ll be back in Chicago for the series decider. – SF Gate

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Words by Aleks Eror
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