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Jeff Koons has just set up a new self-titled exhibition at Almine Rech’s Mayfair outpost consisting of two ballerina ready-mades from Koons’ Antiquity series, and a set of Old Master paintings such as Giotto’s The Kiss of Judas, Titian’s Pastoral Concert and Tintoretto’s The Origin of the Milky Way.

The selection process for the exhibit was a personal one, in which Koons himself described that the selected works were pieces that profoundly impacted his career, to the extent of altering his biological DNA. One painting, Gazing Ball, promotes Koons’ idea of “linkage” between his works and the audience, a concept that has been central to his works: “The viewer completes the work,” Koons has said before going on to describe that seeing ourselves in the image helps us understand our place in the world.

The themes and concepts behind the exhibit are deep in nature, and if you’re a fan of the artful and elegant be sure to check out the gallery above for a peek at the exhibit.

Almine Rech Gallery
11 Savile Row, 1st floor, Mayfair
W1S 3PG London UK

Words by Marcus Cho
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