President Obama confirmed himself as a man of exquisite taste when he shared his fire summer playlist back in August, with cuts from the likes of Method Man, D’Angelo, Chance the Rapper and Miles Davis all accounted for. (We’ll put the Corinne Bailey Rae track inclusion down to an aberration.)

Now the POTUS has turned his attention to the silver (and small) screen by highlighting some of his favorite sci-fi movies and TV programs for WIRED, where he’s currently fulfilling the role of guest editor.

Featured in the list of old and contemporary classics is Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 work of authentic genius 2001: A Spacey Odyssey, as is Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic Blade Runner. Later day choices include The Matrix, a film Obama says “looks very cool,” and 2016 Academy Awards best picture award nominee The Martian.

Rather disappointingly, the President outs himself as a Trekkie (let’s face it, most dudes over 40 who like sci-fi are), but subsequently redeems himself with the inclusion of Carl Sagan’s sweeping Cosmos: A Personal Voyage series. Humbling to know then, that the most powerful man on the planet is aware of the “pale blue dot” concept.

Head on over to WIRED for the full list and how you can watch them, and then check out our latest piece on Elon Musk — the man behind Tesla who wants to take humans to Mars — here.

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