The undisputed King of Pop might have departed this mortal coil long ago, but even in death, he still continues to moonwalk his way to the bank. In a new, ever-so-slightly-morbid list of the top earning dead celebrities collated by Forbesit was Michael Jackson who came out on top, having raked in a quite stupendous $825m in earnings for the 12 months ending October 1.

Jackson’s posthumous wealth can be attributed to the Jackson estate’s $750 million sale of the late singer’s stake in the Sony/ATV music publishing catalog. Jackson was widely mocked when he purchased the catalog — which contains a slew of Beatles tracks — for $47.5 million back in 1985, but ended up receiving $115 million from Sony to form a 50/50 ownership 10 years later. If there is such a thing as an afterlife, we can only hope Jackson is there and currently indulging in an extra-large helping of schadenfreude.

New entries in the list included Prince, with the Purple One having earned $25 million since his still-raw passing in April, while David Bowie, who passed in January after a battle with cancer, posted just outside the top 10 at number 11 with $10.5m in earnings.

The Forbes list of top 10 highest-earning dead celebrities is:

1. Michael Jackson – $825 million
2. Charles Schulz – $48 million
3. Arnold Palmer – $40 million
4. Elvis Presley – $27 million
5. Prince – $25 million
6. Bob Marley – $21 million
7. Theador Geiel “Dr. Seuss” – $20 million
8. John Lennon – $12 million
9. Albert Einstein – $11.5 million
10. Bettie Page – $11 million

To see the list and article in full, head on over to Forbes.

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