It’s no secret that to a huge chunk of American voters, the options of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are less than tantalizing. In fact, according to John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, “This election has now achieved a dubious distinction: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are among the most disliked presidential candidates in history, so it is hardly surprising that some are seeking an alternative.”

He continued, “When your main two options are depressing, any third choice seems good,” smoothing out the transition into his analysis on a couple of third party candidates.

Ultimately, the Green and Libertarian parties are expected to grab 10 percent of the votes this election, so Oliver’s analysis of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein was brutal. Through Oliver’s blunt pointing out of things like how Jill Stein wishes to eliminate student debt without an actionable plan, you’ll start to wonder if there really is a practical candidate this election.

Check out the video above, and for more political satire be sure to check out this parody of the recent Trump vs. Clinton debate.

Words by Marcus Cho
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