Microsoft Surface enthusiasts, rejoice. After an event in New York City today, Microsoft has just announced the release of the Surface Studio, a desktop version of the classic tablet PC.

According to Panos Panay, the leader of Microsoft’s Devices Team, the Studio boasts the “world’s thinnest monitor ever built,” at 12.5mm. He went on to add that the display also outputs 13.5 million pixels, which is 63 percent more than a 4K television. Additionally, the Studio supports expanded color output, meaning it’ll be perfect for creatives, with its 3:2 aspect ratio and 192 pixels per inch.

Of course, the Studio will still feature compatibility with a wide range of peripherals such as the new accessory in the Surface Dial, which can be placed on the Studio to do things like pull up menus and adjust volume. The Surface Pen will also be supported, which goes without saying as the update will also include Paint 3D, Microsoft’s update to the paint app, allowing creators to play with new three-dimensional shapes.

Pre-orders begin today for a retail price of $2,999 USD, but be swift – only limited numbers will be released this holiday season.

If you can’t wait to check it out, the Studio will also be displayed in select Microsoft stores before release.

Words by Marcus Cho
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