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The internet can’t tell the difference between Bill Murray and Tom Hanks

It’s happening again. After last year’s “is it white and gold or blue and back?” dress scandal, the internet is getting itself all worked up again over a picture of Bill Murray. Or is Tom Hanks? Those bastions of truth and good judgement over at the BBC seem to think it’s “definitely” old Bill, quoting the woman whose wailing son is seen in the photo, but if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s to trust nobody. – BBC News

Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman attends press conference dressed as Harry Potter

Cornerback Richard Sherman may play football for the Seattle Seahawks, but when it comes to quidditch, his blood runs pure scarlet and gold for Gryffindor. The banter merchant showed his team spirit and fatherly skills are in fine form by showing up for his weekly press conference dressed as Harry Potter. Wearing a robe, glasses, and the Gryffindor house tie, Sherman told reporters, “This is a serious occasion ― it’s Halloween. My son told me he wanted me to wear something, so it’s happening.” He even waved a wand around. — The Huffington Post

World on track to lose two thirds of animals by 2020

Sadly, though, it’s not all Bill Murray memes and Harry Potter costumes. The number of wild animals living on Earth is set to fall by a depressing two-thirds by 2020, according to a new report, part of a mass extinction that is “destroying the natural world upon which humanity depends.” Creatures close to extinction include well-known endangered species such as elephants and gorillas and lesser known creatures such as vultures and salamanders. Well done, world. – The Guardian

Hillary Clinton jokes that she takes style inspiration from Death Row Records

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In yet another a carefully orchestrated attempt by a politician to appear “down with the kids,” Hillary Clinton has said her look is influenced by Death Row Records. The joke follows a barrage of memes that drew comparisons between Hillary’s OG styling and the frumpy, business-like attire of Tupac and Snoop Dogg. “I think Death Row and a lot of other fashion sources have influenced my look, don’t you?” she mused. – CNN

Russia continues to troll the West

Russia is continuing to annoy the shit out of the Western world by sailing its warships close to British territory and making arbitrary requests to refuel them in Spanish ports. Putin withdrew the request for three warships to dock at Ceuta for refueling, following concern among NATO allies, who just so happen to have recently sent a 40,000-strong force to European borders in the biggest show of force since the Cold War. – The New York Times

Mourinho saves face as his Manchester United team knock city out of the league cup

Jose Mourinho has dodged further humiliation following his United team’s 4-0 slump to Chelsea at the weekend by last night knocking out rivals Manchester City in the League Cup. Juan Mata scored the only goal of the fairly drab game, which was overshadowed slightly by Mou’s comments before the match suggesting his living situation in Manchester has been a “disaster.” The multimillionaire is currently staying in the top-floor suite of Manchester’s luxury 5* Lowry Hotel. – ESPN

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