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Always one of the most exciting developments to emerge from the technological world, Apple has given a first glimpse at new emoji set to arrive on iOS 10.2.

As has been rumored, iOS 10.2 developer BETA has added full Unicode 9 emoji support, which incorporates 72 new pictograms including clown face, selfie and shrug. Throwing shade just got a whole lot easier, too, thanks to the new face palm emoji.

Animals including a gorilla (not Harambe) and fox have also been added, as have food items such as bacon and, for those who like taking photos of kale on Instagram, green salad. Firefighters and pilots can rejoice, as their professions are now included and are featured in two genders and all skin tones. Artists, health workers and judges are some of the other new vocations.

Aesthetically, the previous art designs have been revamped in a boxier, 3D style, meaning the latest update is one of the most work-intensive yet.

We don’t yet have an official release date, but look for them to hit phones sometime this month.

Some of these emoji will no doubt look great on an OLED touch bar. Read everything we know about the new MacBook Pro here.

  • Source/Images: Emojipedia
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