McDonald’s is re-releasing one of its infamous deep-fried burgers of the 1990s tomorrow — but only in Japan.

The fast food king is celebrating 45 years in Japan by resurrecting its highly-calorific and not-at-all-disgusting “Cheese Katsu Burger.” The burger comes with breaded pork fillet, which oozes out cheese when you bite into it, as well as cabbage and a good blob of mayonnaise.

The Katsu (which roughly translates as cutlet, and usually sees a breaded pork or chicken fillet deep fried, sliced, then covered in a curry sauce) burger was first released in 1991 and became a cult hit, but was later discontinued as McDonald’s modernized its menus around the world. It will be brought back for one month only and cost the equivalent of about $4.

The Golden Arches released a 15-second promo video to celebrate the release. Check it out above.

In other fast food news, Shake Shack Japan now has a “Michelin-Starred” burger.

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