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LeBron James backs Hillary Clinton at Cleveland rally

Following recent celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jay Z, Katy Perry and Beyonce, Hillary Clinton appeared onstage at a Cleveland rally alongside the world’s greatest living basketball player, LeBron James. James recalled his thoughts as a youth, that as a black person his vote didn’t matter, but he stressed how much it really does and urged those in attendance to get out and vote for Clinton as president. Fellow NBA star, J.R. Smith, appeared to show his support too, because, y’know, the alternative is Trump and we can’t be having that. – Mashable

Trump survives assassination scare

Donald Trump was spooked at one of his own rallies in Nevada over the weekend, with secret service agents rushing in to bundle him off the stage, after attendees jumped a guy who was apparently holding a gun. After being beaten, handcuffed and dragged away it turns out that the man did not actually have a gun, but instead was simply armed with a “Republicans against Trump” poster that he planned to silently unveil and use as a form of silent protest, but then some idiot yelled out “he’s got a gun!” and chaos ensued. It’s ironic that in a rally full of gun nuts, supporting a gun nut running for president, so many people are afraid of guns, which is understandable. But why propagate gun ownership, then? This succinctly illustrates that gun ownership doesn’t make a nation safer, just more paranoid. – BBC News

Clinton e-mails given the all-clear

The Clinton Campaign has been caught in a tail spin for the past few days since FBI director, James Comey, wrote to congress announcing that he’s re-opening an investigation into her private e-mail server after discovering a new cache of material. This revelation so close to Election Day gave Trump’s numbers a surge, and The New York Times‘ “Upshot” poll tracker cut Hillary’s chances of winning from 93% to 84%. Well, it appears that the FBI found nothing worthy of further charges or investigation, and have given Clinton the all-clear two days before the ultimate decider. Which is good, because civilized people everywhere have been drenched in a cold sweat, worried that this might send the vote Trump’s way. – New York Times

Google accused of burying search results

Search engine monopolist, Google, has been accused of burying search results yet again. This time, the claims have been brought by ProtonMail, an encrypted e-mail service that exists to stop global spy agencies froms snooping on your electronic post, which claims that Google has shifted it to the second or third page of search results related to “encryped mail” or “secure mail,” thereby costing the service hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost traffic. It’s unclear whether Google simply doesn’t want to lose Gmail users, or if it’s helping the U.S. government to keep people away from encrypted e-mail providers. – The Guardian

New Orleans Saints beat SF 49ers

The New Orleans’ Saints continued to turn their season around, defeating the San Francisco 49ers by a scoreline of 41-23. The result evens their track record out to a four wins and four losses, and sits in stark contrast to the 49ers who lost their seventh consecutive game, giving the team a miserable seasonal record of 1-7. – OregonLive

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