Today is the day. The day where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in the stunning season finale of America… whoops, sorry, Election Day. And though bipartisanship and fairness are an essential part of American democracy, let’s stop kidding ourselves. Today is the day that you need to go vote for Madame Clinton and end this nightmare-Twilight Zone reality that has gone on all year long.

And should you need any convincing or reminders as to why Mrs. Clinton is the right choice, some of the biggest (and some of our favorite) musicians have used their platforms to campaign for her and ease the election process. Here are just a few of the artists helping to get voters out:

Chance the Rapper Leads a Parade to the Polls

Chance the Rapper had been planning a ‘Get Out the Vote’ concert in his hometown of Chicago for some time now. Not only did all things go as planned, but he then led a massive parade straight to an early voting site, mobilizing the youth of his city in the biggest way possible.

YG Hands out ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ Bagels to Voters

Lucky voters in the Compton area are being treated to free, hideously orange ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ bagels courtesy of YG and local bakery Yeastie Boys. This is not an unexpected move from the rapper, who released a song of the same name, but it’s certainly his tastiest career move yet.

Lady Gaga Duets With Bon Jovi at Final Clinton Rally

Considering that America is very literally ‘livin’ on a prayer’ at the moment, it seemed only fitting that Lady Gaga would unite with Bon Jovi for a rendition of the latter’s biggest hit at Clinton’s final rally. And no one can get a crowd as fired up as Gaga.

Grimes Recreates a Vintage Political Ad

Flawlessly remaking a vintage campaign ad from the Lyndon Johnson era, Grimes has resurrected a message from back then that is even more important now: “the stakes are too high for you to stay home.” And she’s not even an American citizen.

Pusha T Has Become a Full-Blown Social Activist

As evidenced in his recent cover story with New York Mag, Pusha T put aside all partisan differences and conflicts of interest to go HAM on campaigning for Clinton, including a meet and greet with VP candidate Tim Kaine.

Madonna Busks in Washington Square Park

Madonna went against her usual need for bombast and flair and picked up a guitar in New York’s Washington Square Park for an intimate concert in the name of all things Clinton. She played a medley of some of her biggest hits, as well as a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Katy Perry Holds a Puppy Hostage

Just kidding. Perry didn’t go all Silence of the Lambs on a cute puppy, but she absolutely used the adorable animal to her advantage to get your attention about some Clinton policies.

Now seriously, go vote. Just do it! GO VOTE! Click right here to get detailed information on your local polling stations and VOTE!

In related music news, Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric) has released this gorgeous ballad about Donald Trump getting murdered in a plane crash. Listen to it right here.

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