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Canadian immigration website crashes after Trump win

As the world watched the election swing Trump’s way, plenty of Americans started freaking out and looking into ways to move to Canada. Canada’s immigration website, Citizen and Immigration Canada, was so overwhelmed with traffic that it ended up crashing. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon, but maybe this will cause Canada to elect its own Trump who will build a wall to keep Americans out. – BBC News

Donald Trump is America’s new president

Human civilization took what might be a fatal blow after America elected Donald Trump as its new president. Crucial swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio voted for Trump, in addition to Democrat strongholds like Wisconsin. The margin of his victory may not be large – currently winning only 279 seats, a mere 9 more than he needed for victory, and only a 0.4% majority of the popular vote – but it is a crushing defeat for Hillary Clinton and the political establishment. – New York Times

Brits made a lot of money betting on the election

British gamblers bet a record amount of money on the U.S. election in recent days, with some $186 million being taken by the nation’s bookies, which is far more money than any other non-sports-related bet. One gambler was feeling so confident in a Trump victory that they bet £200,000, resulting in a win of about half a million pounds on top of his original bet. – CNN

Three U.S. states legalize weed

Voters in California, Massachusetts and Nevada cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, and while they will definitely be left distraught by her loss, they can at least take comfort from the fact that recreational marijuana will be full legalized in their states, because that too was on the ballot. If there’s ever been a time to get really high, it’s now. – The Guardian

Putin congratulates Trump on win

While the rest of the world weeps, Russia is currently celebrating Trump’s win, with Vladimir Putin expressing how glad he is that The Donald won and now the U.S. and Russia can re-establish diplomatic relations. Realistically, Putin is the world’s second biggest winner today after his government repeatedly did everything they could to sway the election Trump’s way, and having an incompetent fool in the White House totally works for America’s adversaries. – The Independent

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Words by Aleks Eror
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