Tune in and turn up

Hudson Mohawke has just dropped a new single titled “Play N Go,” and it is completely fire. Though for anyone hoping that the follow-up to last year’s Lantern had arrived: don’t hold your breath.

“Play N Go” is one of 15 tracks Mohawke composed as the original soundtrack to the upcoming video game Watch Dogs 2, a hacking game set in San Francisco. But medium aside, it carries all the hallmarks of a Hudson Mohawke tune, which is to say it has throbbing beats, warped electronics and a hell of a lot of swagger. Listen to it below:

That’s not all Hudson has been up to this year. HOPELESSNESS, the debut album from ANOHNI (formerly of Antony & the Johnsons), was released in May and also where Mohawke served as co-executive producer, along with underground cult figure Oneohtrix Point Never.

Hudson Mohawke’s Watch Dogs 2 OST drops this Friday, November 11. Stay tuned!

In other music news, Martin Shkreli has made good on an old promise and started to release his previously lock-tight hold on the Wu-Tang Clan. See why here.

Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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