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It’s been over three months since Facebook’s Instagram copied Snapchat’s popular stories feature and placed it at the very top of everybody’s feed. Now Snapchat is hitting back by copying one of Instagram Stories’ most useful features: the rewind button.

Instagram’s version of Stories is very much the same as Snapchat’s, however, there’s a handy feature which allows users to “rewind” to the previous clip by tapping on the upper left side of the story. After a night out with friends, it’s an essential tool for jumping straight back to that embarrassing clip they uploaded, without the need to scroll all the way to the bottom to the full friends list to watch the entire story reel in full again — like you had to in Snapchat, until today.


When you update to the latest version, you’ll see that you can tap the left side of any snap in a story to return to the previous snap, or if it’s only a one snap story, you’ll be returned to the previous user. Pretty handy.

As well as Rewind, Snapchat has also added augmented reality filters for the front and rear camera, named World Lenses. World Lenses allow the user to change the environment around them, like adding a sleepy cloud that rains down rainbow puke.

The new World Lenses are accessible alongside the ordinary Selfie Lenses you swipe through once you tap on the camera screen. Download the latest version of the app to try them out.

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