As we all know by now, there was nothing remotely funny about last night’s election. Social media was awash with despair, most TV news channels were somber, and even shows which were supposed to have a comical edge turned to straighter, more serious political analysis. Stephen Colbert, however, tried to bridge the gap with some comforting, lighthearted words following Trump’s shock win.

Colbert talks about how poisonous this election has been from start to finish. He compares it to the Nixon years, and touches on his dead mother’s wish to have a female president. His sadness is there for all to see, but he rouses to hit home some universal truths we should all agree on.

He prefaces the list by saying that “you cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time and the devil cannot stand mockery.” Colbert goes on to add that all Americans can agree that work emails suck, that vegetarian pizzas make no sense, that you should never bite into a Kit Kat bar as if it was a typical candy bar, and more. Watch the video above.

After you’ve finished, take your mind off the election result by watching the Flying Frenchies surf and BASE jump from a zipline between two mountains.

Life Editor

Daniel is the editor of Highsnobiety Life. He grew up in north of England and is now based in Berlin.

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