In lieu of Snapchat’s recent update where they have copied Instagram Stories’ rewind button, Instagram is now making another revamp of its own. Today the company is introducing a few new tools that are aimed at making Instagram Stories, and the app itself, more fun.

First off, now you can take a Boomerang directly inside Instagram, without having to open the third party app. To capture a revolving clip, all you have to do is select Boomerang mode while in the camera feature on Instagram. Just like the Boomerang app, it will then stitch together a burst of photos into a mini video that plays forward and backward.

In addition to Boomerang, you can also mention friends in your Instagram Stories. It works the same was as when tagging or mentioning someone in captions and comments; simply type “@” followed by the person’s username. The name will in turn appear underlined in your story. When you’ve been mentioned in someone else’s Instagram Story, you will receive a notification.

Lastly, Instagram is implementing “See More” links. If you’re watching a user’s story and want to dig deeper, you may find “See More” links at the bottom of their story. For now, this is a test that allows verified accounts create additional links so viewers can learn more about given content.

To take advantage of the new Instagram updates, be sure your app is running on the latest version.

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