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Lahinch House by Lachlan Shepherd Architects is unique in the fact that it is essentially a private residence, but each guest bedroom functions as its own hotel-stye suite. This was essential for the owners upon building the home, located in Torquay, Victoria, as they aimed at entertaining and providing whomever stays the night with top-notch amenities.

First off, Lahinch House faces an adjacent golf course to the south and the east. Full-height glazing in turn surrounds the entire first floor, allowing for unobstructed views of the aforementioned greens.

The pool, which is heated year-round, runs alongside the kitchen and living areas, as you can then view the body of water from virtually every living space in the house, thanks to a calculated open plan. In addition, no walls have been constructed to separate the lounge, kitchen, dining and sitting zones. The lounge area, for example, is designated by a sunken space.

For a look at the magnificent Lahinch House by Lachlan Shepherd Architects, click through the imagery above.

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