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Danish audio company AIAIAI has unveiled the H05, a new headband that enables its TMA-2 modular headphones to be used wirelessly.

AIAIAI first debuted its modular TMA-2 headphones back in 2015, a model which surprised many by allowing users to choose which parts they wanted and to swap them out at any time. This new headband, which will cost $65 and arrive next May, offers bluetooth connectivity for listeners who want to cut the cord.

The H05 snaps into place and carry the same stylish look as the other modular parts. AIAIAI says it explored other ways of making the headphones wireless, like including a new speaker, for example, but a headband offered them space to pack in all the necessary parts while allowing users to keep the modular construction.

The headband should allow for 16 hours of playing time and take two hours to fully recharge. There’s also all the usual on-board controls like play/pause, track skip, volume adjustment and call answering. Check out the headphones above, then head over to the brand’s Kickstarter campaign to be one of the first to get hands-on with them.

Until we wait for the official release, here are eight wireless earbuds that are way better than Apple’s AirPods.

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