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Photographer and regular Highsnobiety contributor Lester Jones shares an exclusive new travel gallery. Highlighting daily life in South Korea, Jones’s photo set captures moments frozen in time, revelatory of the people, architecture, customs and subtle character of the country.

Part of his work was a study around the fusion of new vs. old that Jones found representative of South Korea’s sense of contemporary identity. From in and around Seoul to outposts like the coastal town of Busan, and even the demilitarized zone (DMZ) on the border with North Korea, Lester’s work showcases the country through his eyes with this new vs. old mantra in mind.

From contemporary street style to elderly gentlemen dressed resplendently in considered business attire (something commonly seen across the country), the people seem to evoke an emotive quality that shows a sense of pride in their sense of dress.

Architecture fluctuates from the traditional to the new and impactful, and the country also provides much in the way of personality from its orderly sense of design.

For a drastically different view of South Korea, tour Seoul through the lens of photographer Akhil Sesh.

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