Where the runway meets the street

When it comes to positive CSR, Patagonia really is a shining beacon of good example – in fact, this Friday they might just be taking it to a whole new level. For this year’s Black Friday, Patagonia will be giving 100% of its global sales from its retail stores and web store to support grassroots environmental organizations.

The inspiration behind the event was the notion that while people think generously about family and friends, our planet really does need a little love in the form of a gift or two. By the generous donation this year, Patagonia will be able to support these small grassroots groups (which are often underfunded and under the radar) in their work on the front lines.

If you’re interested in helping out further, Patagonia will also be providing information in-store and on their site about how to get in touch with these groups.

Words by Marcus Cho
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