Tune in and turn up

Sevdaliza has been on our radar all year. The Netherlands-based singer stopped by the COLORS Berlin studio earlier this year for a piercing rendition of her song “Amandine Insensible,” a performance which she blew out of the water. Now she has returned with a music video for her single “Human,” a surrealist, seductive visual that seems like a hybrid of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and a dirty witch-pop rave.

Directed by Emmanuel Adjei, the visual sees Sevdaliza entering an arena in a menacing hooded cloak. Then things take a turn as she removes it to reveal decadent lingeries and what might be horse hooves instead of feet. She proceeds to dance seductively as a balcony full of mean men look on in fascination. The reaction of the viewer at home should be much the same.

Listen to Sevdaliza’s other new single from this year, “Time,” below via Spotify:

In other music news, Young Thug has shared the first episode of the video diary for his HIHORSE’D Tour. Watch it right here.

Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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