This wouldn’t be Usain Bolt’s first time hanging out with James Corden, and we certainly hope it won’t be his last. Every time the pair get together, something hilarious happens, and this new edition of “Drop the Mic” with the Olympic Gold Medalist was no exception.

The little session starts off innocently, with lines such as “Usain Bolt, nice to meet you, now to not be cold / But it sounds like you named yourself when you were five years old,” but, as Drake would say, things went from 0 to 100 real quick as Usain started spitting hot flames:

“I’m the fastest human being in the history of racing / You host the lowest show in the history of ratings”

“You never should have started, you probably should have fled I run my race in 10 seconds, you last that long in bed”

It’s a hilarious roast fest and perfect entertainment for the evening. Check it the clip above, and for more James Corden, check out this little segment with Kendall Jenner.

Words by Marcus Cho
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