Contrary to the official Instagram feed, it’s not all sneaker drops and new collections in the HS office. Quite a bit of printed matter comes through our doors.

Some of the selections are paper imprints from our favorite brands or agencies, others are indie publications that have piqued our interest — all feature distinctive storytelling, even if it isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes we’re drawn to a particularly ardent piece of prose, other times it’s arresting photography or an unusual layout that makes us revisit an already-read page, sometimes it’s a combination of all three.

Every week we’ll be sharing a few of the volumes that have found a permanent home on our office shelves or in the living spaces of our writers and editors.

Season Issue 02

Issue two of Season takes a retrospective look at last summer’s tournament Euro tournament in France, taking the perspective of a female fan. Diving deeper into France and its capital city of Paris, additional coverage focuses on the women on the front line of football culture. Each 72-page copy comes complete with a set of collectible stickers, created in the likeness of some of the sport’s best players.

Breaks Magazine Issue 01

London’s Breaks Agency delves into the print sphere with their debut issue of Breaks Magazine. Lucien Clarke covers the inaugural issue, which is set to release quarterly, revolving around skateboarding, fashion and music culture. Flipping further through the magazine will reveal coverage of longstanding London sneaker boutique Footpatrol and legendary Finnish skater Arto Saari.

Before & After by Nick Kusto

Before & After is a limited-run photo zine shot by photographer and designer Nick Kusto on his journeys between Berlin, Copenhagen and Dublin. Each photo in the zine tells a unique story, capturing romance and debauchery over 100 pages of black and white imagery. For any aspiring shooters, the independently published book serves as a reminder that envisioning and planning are two important tools in any photographer’s arsenal. Make sure to follow along with Nick on Instagram.

Attraper au Vol

Fred Mortagne‘s Attraper au Vol (Catch in the Air) is an anthology of photographs taken between 2000 and 2015. Over time, Mortagne has gained international acclaim for his starkly composed portrayal of skate culture, characterized by creative use of lines, angles and of course the human figure. Including both film and digital 35mm stills, this collection of images is prefaced by a foreword from photographer Anton Corbijn and an essay written by legendary skater Geoff Rowley. While Fred’s work largely centers around the world of skateboarding, his images can be easily appreciated by people of all walks.

SORT Zine Issue 02

London-based design studio and independent publisher SORT delivers their second ever zine, a chaotic collage dedicated to revealing London’s underbelly. The hand-numbered, limited edition zine features 60 pages of provocative imagery snapped in mosh pits, dive bars and basement venues around the city. With contributions from multiple friends and associates of the SORT editorial team, the small zine is accompanied by an A3 poster insert.

Vancouver-born, Berlin-based writer, photographer and editor with a steady hand on the keyboard.

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