Who doesn’t love to entertain their inner child by taking a visit to Disney World every few years or so? And while amusement parks continue to slowly pop up all over the world, especially with thematic areas inspired by various pop culture trends, where else can they go from there?

The mayor of Beppu, Japan has in turn pledged to build a spa-themed amusement park in the city which is well known for its numerous hot springs and various spas.

The above promotional video then provides a glimpse at what the “spamusement” could look like, but the one stipulation is that it would only be built if the clip reaches 1 million views. As you can see, however, it has already well surpassed that mark.

Since amassing over 1 million views, Beppu’s mayor has already announced plans to begin development of the park.

We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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